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Most people who have been studying Wicca for a while tire of this overly used concept of 'Wicca 101' it conjures within them feelings of monotonony; a rehashing of teaching things they already know. For those new or curious about Wicca however, it can be a very informative inroduction.

You may be asking yourself whether Wicca is right for you. To those wondering, I suggest looking inside and being honest with yourself, what do you believe and what are you looking for? Find your inner belief and find things that resinate with them. Look to your heritage or family tree, you may find that reconnecting with your family roots offers a path for exploration. Also look around, study different paths. For myself I found that I had core beliefs that I slowly developed as I grew up, I combined my own philosophical beliefs concerning life, death and humanity and incorporated Greek philosophy, Taoism, Sufism, Marxism, Anaricism, Occultism along with science, mythology, psychology, sociology and had countless internal dialogues and found that I took bits and pieces of many concepts to find one philosophy/belief/path that really spoke to me. Finally Wicca and Druidism became what I really identified with and decided to label myself with. ('because we all have to have a label...right?, Right!? Hmmm...)


Visualization is very important to most if not all wiccans. Is it also an important requirement of most creative people. Visualization has been easy for me, there have been times that my abiltiy to visualize something and hold that image in my mind for an extended period of time has been difficult. I noticed that the lack of visualization ability period was aggravated during the time that I spent watching TV or videos. Engaging in activity that required limited focus of my attention such as computer games also diminshed it. The single most destructive activity for visualization for me has been TV. Meditation and a healthy diet along with consistant creative outlets especially drawing are excellant for maintaining and increasing ones ability to visualize. Here are a couple of exercises I have used to help me visualize and focus my attention:

If you are not very good at remembering images or lack a vivid imagination try level 1 exercises for about 28 days. Do these exercises every other day; either every odd or even numbered days. This will give your brain a chance to rest and develop.

Visual Memory: Level 1: Using a pencil draw a large 9" Celtic Cross* on a piece of paper. At each arm end draw a smaller 1" inch circle and draw another slightly larger 1.25" inch circle in the center. Place the image at eye level on a wall approximatly 3'-5'ft away or at a comfortable distance. You can either stand or sit but stare at it for a period of 30 to 90 seconds. For the first 2 weeks

A Greek system of the Chakras:

It should be noted that the names for the 'energy points' do not translate into the discriptive colored text below them


Ethics will immediatly conjure into the minds of many readers the feeling of restriction, morality, right and wrong. The word 'ethics' comes from the Greek word: 'ethos' for character. The term ethics here means: 'The rules or standards governing the conduct of a person or the members of a profession.' Wicca ethics tend to focus on spell-casting. The debate of morality gets heated on this subject. One side will cry that spell-casting must not interfere with 'free-will' meaning hexes and 'love-spells'.

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