G: Raising the Temple

This is a ring dance, designed to be both fun and powerful. The Coven locks arms left-hand to left-side partners right wrist, right-hand to right-side partners left-wrist, so as to form a strong link and a perfect circle. The Coven begins to sing at first slowly, then increasing the speed and singing faster, while dancing they adjust to stay with the tempo. At first the ritual leader will change direction at random, then stay in one direction for the remainder of the dance.

1 "Eko, eko Azarak {Repeat lines 1-4 thrice}
2 Eko, eko Zamilak
3 Eko, eko Lugh Lámhfhada
4 Eko, eko Deanna
5 Darksome night and shining moon
6 East and South, West and North;
7 hearken to the witches rune
8 here we come to call ye forth
9 Earth and water, air and fire
10 Spear and Chalice and Sword
11 Work ye unto our desire
12 hearken ye unto our word
13 Cords and censer; Scourge and knife
14 Powers of the witches blade
15 Waken all ye spirits to life
16 Come ye as the charm is made
17 Queen of Wisdom, queen of the well
18 Lugh Lámhfhada of the light
19 Send your power unto this spell
20 to work our will, by magics rite
21 In the earth and air and sea
22 By the light of Moon or Sun
23 As we do will...so will it be
24 Chant this spell, thy will be done
25 Eko, eko Azarak{Repeat lines 25-28 thrice}
26 Eko, eko Zamilak
27 Eko, eko Lugh Lámhfhada
28 Eko, eko Deanna

During the dark-half of the year (Nov. 1 - April 30) lines 3 & 27 are changed to read "Eko, eko Nuada Argatlámh" and line 18 reads "Nuada Argatlámh with your might."

H: Consecrations

Consecrations can have many variations, however for all Esbats, the tools should be consecrated. Note: The Chalice of water, salt, incense burner and incense need not be consecrated again, unless specified by the ritual at hand. Place the [item to be consecrated] on the pentacle disc.
The priest/ess lays his/her right hand (or left) on the item and speaks...

"Danu and Lugh bless this [item] so that it may be consecrated through you for all acts of Magick power and protection."

The item is replaced on the altar, sprinkled with saltwater and circled with incense, placed back on pentacle disc. The priest/ess/ess then speaks...

"Danu and Lugh, bless this [item] prepared in your honor."

I: The Ritual is an Esbat (2.1) or Sabbat (2.2).

The terms 'Esbat' and 'Sabbat' are used to describe different rituals. The term Esbat is used for non-Sabbat celebrations such as; Spellwork or celebrations of life such as a Hand-Fasting, Birth or Funeral. The term Sabbat is used for the eight 'festivals' of the common Wicca calender; Samhain, December Solstice, Imbolc, March Equinox, Bealtiene, June Solstice, Lughnasadh and the September Equinox. The greater Sabbats are the quarter fire-festivals of Samhain, Imbolc, Bealtiene and Lughnasadh, the lesser Sabbats are the two solstices and two equinoxes.

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