Section 1.1:

A: The Altar

The altar is a central focus for energies raised within the sacred circle, it can be as elaborate as you wish or as common as a card table. However, it should be consecrated and used only for the purpose of ritual and prayer. The altar should always have it's back to the North, so that when you sit before it East is to your right and West is to your left. Exception: Some rituals have the altar in a different quarter-depending on the ritual. The altar is symbolic of harmonic polarity, it holds both male (-) and female (+) energies. Much like the Yin-Yang principle or the polarity of a battery. It also represents the element of Earth.

The altar may be covered with a cloth as is appropriate for the ritual to be performed. If you use statuette's, place the male divinity to the right and the female divinity to the left side. Candles can be placed on either side of the altar in front of-or as a replacement for the divinity statuettes. A black candle for male and a white candle for female, the North-Earth-Green candle can be placed between the male and female candles.
The directional candles are thus; North-Earth-
Green, East-Air-Yellow, South-Fire-Red and West-Water-Blue.

B: The Altar Tools  
1 Colored cloth for covering altar
2 Chalices: 1 of Wine and 1 of Water
1 Container for salt
1 Container for incense
7 Candles: 1 Yellow, 1 Red, 1 Blue,
   1 Green, 1 Black, 1 White & 1 Tapered.
1 Platter for Cakes
1 Incense burner and charcoals
1 Pentacle Disc
1 Athame
1 Cauldron
1 Wand
Matches or a lighter
Other Non-essential Items
1 Torc
1 Sword
1 Spear
1 Cauldron  

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