Introducing ACS's online Book of Shadows: Leabhar as Scáth or LaS for short. LaS is divided into three core ritual sections; an Opening Ritual (Section 1), the Esbat or Sabbat Ritual (Section 2) and finally the Closing Ritual (Section 3).
Section 1: is sub-divided into the Altar (Section 1.1) it's color and decoration, the Opening ritual (Section 1.2) used by both Coven and Solitary practice for Esbats and Sabbat rituals. Section 1.3 is usually performed by a Coven for a Sabbat ritual but can be included in an Esbat.
Section 2: is sub-divided into Esbat (Section 2.1) and Sabbat (Section 2.2) ritual formats.
Section 3 is divided into a closing ritual for both Esbat (Section 3.1) and Sabbats (Section 3.2).

The division of sections was designed (believe it or not!) to simplify and help with ritual design, all rituals should have preparation (Section 1), the ritual (Section 2) and a closing or 'grounding' (Section 3).
Spells, Sabbat celebrations, daily prayers and devotionals can be written quickly with this format.

Esbats are regular full-moon meetings (which rarely occur exactly on the full moon, usually the weekend close to it) or rituals of life such as marriages, baby-namings and initiations. Sabbats are the traditional eight-festivals of the year; the 'greater' Sabbats: Samhain, Imbolc, Bealteine, Lughnasadh, and the 'lesser' Sabbats: the Solstices; (approx.) June 21st and December 21st, the Equinoxes March 21st and September 21st. The closing for an Esbat (Section 3.1) and a Sabbat (Section 3.2) differ slightly.

The PDF version of LaS can be downloaded by clicking the .pdf links below.

*Note: Sections 1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1,3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 are all contained within the LaS_1-3_core.pdf

Rituals for Sabbats will be posted bi-quarterly after the Sabbat date. Other Esbat or rituals are posted periodicly. To submit a ritual or Esbat for posting on this site please send a copy in simpletext (Mac) or notepad (Win) format to not all submissions will be posted. Generally, submissions will be posted within 2 weeks.

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Section 1: The Ritual Components

  A: The Altar
  B: The Tools  
Section 1.2: Solitary & Coven

 - -
  C: Entering the Ethereal  
  D: Create Bridge to Otherworld  
  E: *Consecration of the Four Treasures  
  F: Calling the Elements  
Section 1.3: Coven

 - -
  G: Raising the Temple  
  H: Consecrations  
  I: The Ritual Esbat or Sabbat  
Section 2.1: Coven Esbat or Sabbat

- -
  K: Calling the Prime Energies  
        K1: Drawing down the Sun  
        K2: Drawing down the Moon  
  L: The Charge  
          1: Consecration of Wine & Cakes  
  M: The Great Rite  
         1: Consecration of Wine & Cakes  
Section 2.2: Esbat  
  1st Degree Initiation  
  Spell of Attraction  
  Spell of Binding  
  Spell of Protection  
  Self-Empowerment Spell  
 Section 2.3: Coven Sabbat  
  Winter Solstice

  March Equinox

  June Solstice  
  September Equinox

Section 3.1: Closing Esbat:

  V. *Protection of 4 Treasures  
  X. Energy Release  
  Y. Dismiss Elemental Spirits   
  Z. Recite Oath  
Section 3.2: Closing Sabbat  
  U. Celebration (very important!)  
  V.  Protection of 4 Treasures  
  W. Dismiss Prime Energies  
       1. Female  
          2. Male  
   Y. Dismiss Elemental Spirits  

TOC 1.1 1.2 1.3 2.1 2.2 2.3 3.1 3.2

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